Malibu Hindu Temple 1600 Las Virgenes Canyon Road, Calabasas CA 91302 Phone : (818) 880-5552
Our temple needs volunteers.
Anyone with ages 12 and above any interest can volunteer. 
Kids between 10 to 12 have to accompanied by adults all the time to volunteer.
For high school students temple will provide volunteer hours.
All student/ youth volunteers have to contact youth volunteer coordinator.
All others can contact Adult volunteer coordinator.
You can volunteer when you arrive only for few hours to once a week or once a month at your convenience. 
Volunteers are needed in the following area:
1. Kitchen
2. Shrine Balaji
3. Shrine Shiva
4. Special pooja or function days
5. Parking lot
6. Media and Sound
7. Office
8. Garden and picnic area
9. Handyman work 
10. Special days