Temple standing as tall as always in the middle of many other structures destroyed in and around the Temple. We are grateful that the Temple thus far has NOT SUFFERED ANY DAMAGE as a result of the raging Woolsey fire.

The following list shows the types of services offered by our temple.

Name of the serviceIn the templeOutside service [Weekdays]Outside service [Weekends & holidays]
Other Special Poojas   
Sri Sathyanarayana Pooja$151$275 + Travel exp$375 + Travel exp
Kalyana Uthsavam (Balaji / Shiva)$201--
Wedding Engagement Ceremony$151$275 + Travel exp$375 + Travel exp
Lagna Patrika (Muhurtha Patrika)$151$275 + Travel exp$375 + Travel exp
Vaahana Pooja (Car Pooja / Bike Pooja)$51--
 Wedding ceremony at Shiva complex  + priest services  + Cleaning    $751  
Visesha Seva-1 yr. Sponsorship   
Balaji Abhishekam (once a week)$1501NANA
Shiva Abhishekam (once a week)$1501NANA
Mahalakshmi Abhishekam (once a month)$501NANA
Andal Abhishekam (once a month)$501NANA
Sri Ganapathi Abhishekam (once a month)$501NANA
Sri Subramanya Abhishekam (once a month)$501NANA
Navagraha Abhishekam (once a month)$501NANA
Cultural Hall   
Use of cultural hall for wedding (8hrs. use SAT, SUN and Holidays)
Use of Cultural hall for wedding
(MON - FRI 8 hrs use)
+ priest services$501  
+ use of kitchen for warming up only$300  
+ deposit$300  
Use of cultural hall for non-profit org. for 4hrs. use only$1500  
(without kitchen) + dep.   
*Cultural hall booking party is responsible for the clean up after use)*